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  • Just a few steps
    And yet the steps got bigger very quickly. I feel privileged that I grew up on a world of black and white TV’s which soon became colour. Soon they were followed by home computers what a whopping 48k of RAM and a dizzying array of 16 colours! For comparison my next computer will have at… Read more: Just a few steps
  • Why Google it when you have AI?
    In a (non-technical & community) group I am in it was asked did anyone know someone who or how they could get to build a web app. Of course there was the mix of responses and even the knee jerk “Just Google it!”. Some of us tech people tried to ask questions and it soon… Read more: Why Google it when you have AI?
  • PHP Software Development on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
    Would you rather have a video call across the world or a coffee and chat in Hastings Street, Noosa when it comes to your web application? Sometimes local knowledge can change the outcome of a project for the better. Who better to speak your language and understand your needs than a local? This image is… Read more: PHP Software Development on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
  • PHP as a scripting Language
    Many Developers use PHP in terms of frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter or Zend. There is nothing wrong with this in fact it is the best way to create modern web applications but is it all that PHP can do? Querying databases and rendering a web page is a great outcome but it is not the… Read more: PHP as a scripting Language
  • MySQL CSV Extraction
    There are many use cases for extracting data from your system. Sometimes these requests are ad hoc which means the “do it again time” soon becomes costly. Here is a tool we have shared to make the process a little easier – MySQL SQL CSV Output Query Generator
  • The dark arts of the tech Roll Out
    Having been working in IT since MS Windows 95/98 I’ve had some experience in how technology roll outs can succeed or suffer. For the last couple of decades I have worked on cloud technology before it was a thing. Nowadays we take for granted that “cloud” is really the only realistic option in most businesses… Read more: The dark arts of the tech Roll Out
  • Systems Security
    Are your systems secure? As a business owner, you may be required under the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) to protect your customers’ personal information from theft, loss & unauthorised access. Most of us a well aware that in broad terms we must keep the personal data we host confidential and not misuse or disclose… Read more: Systems Security
  • Ideas to Products ~ How do you do it?
    Challenges in web application design… Let’s start with the bad news – ideas are easy but implementations are hard. You could probably day dream a bunch of possible projects that could become viable or tweaks to existing concepts that can create an exciting business opportunity. So what is stopping you? In this context we are… Read more: Ideas to Products ~ How do you do it?