WebGen offers a variety of services tailored to meet client needs regardless of the size of their businesses. Our approach is to gain an understanding of what our clients do and how we can facilitate technical support to compliment their goals. We do not believe we can be completely effective if we do not understand the “why” of their business.

Our team and network comprises of many skill sets that are made available to our clients on a case by case basis. On the Service menu are some key areas, such as Web Development, Systems Administration and Database Conversion . In addition we offer other technical and non-technical solutions.

We can support your business in a number of ways. Firstly we can fix things that hamper your business. Beyond that we can be retained to monitor and supervise your systems. Ideally we can consult with your team to pass on skills so they can undertake tasks if needed and only need to reach out when more complex issues arise.

Some of the areas we cover include:

  • PHP (LAMP) – PHP is the language of the web. There are many others that do the task but are not as prevalent. Most of the sites you consume are driven by PHP which is why we are experts in it.
  • MySQL/MariaDB – These products are the most popular databases for web use. A frequent mistake that we encounter is a bespoke application not using or having indexes or joining queries on non-indexed columns or ones with poor cardinality. Your Developers may have inherited your code base and not be aware of these issues. We can review your code and suggest changes to improve performance..
  • Apache – The Apache web server is the most common one used for hosting. There are a number of different modules and configuration options that can be tweaked for best performance.
  • Linux – Linux is an operating system that the rest of your applications run on top of. These can include email servers (Postfix SMTP, Dovecot IMAP) web servers (Apache, Nginx), proxy servers (Squid), databases (MySQL, MariaDB) and many other applications (Fail2Ban, SSHD, Cron, DNS, Nagios, Firewalld, iptables, etc)
  • Cloud Services & Cloud Management – There comes a point where you need to build up your infrastructure to a point where you lose focus on your business. This is where we step in and help you. We can implement or review your platform and provide you with clear information as to what steps you need to take to secure and run your IT infrastructure.
  • Amazon AWS – We have used AWS/RDS/EC2/S3 among many other offerings from Amazon. In addition we have built platforms on other providers. Depending on your needs you might find that Amazon is a fit (for example if you require ISO 270001 certification) or you might be more comfortable with a lower cost provider that we can source for you.
  • Software design & Consulting – The biggest disconnect between Developers and Users tends to come from the scoping or needs analysis. We pride ourself in leading from the business agenda foremost and bridging the gap with expertise in both camps: domain knowledge & technical expertise. Any Carpenter will tell you: “measure twice, cut once” – the best time to get input is before you engage Developers and start writing code.
  • Database Conversions – Probably the most tedious and poorly approached aspect of system change is database conversions. Understanding relationships – prior – to extracting data is paramount. If you need your mission critical data to be available in the new system then you need to have the input of suitably qualified staff or consultants like ourselves.
  • Marketing & Writing – Whilst not a typical staple of an IT business WebGen has the capability to help you develop documentation, user manuals, site content, polices (mainly aimed at compliance for certification), advertising and branding.