Email Disclaimer

If you are reading this then you most likely followed a link from an email we sent.


Email disclaimers inform recipients of corporate legal information and policies. For all practical purposes, email disclaimers are used to reduce liability and caution recipients about misusing the information contained within the message.

An effective email disclaimer can:

  • alert recipients to issues that they should be aware of
  • assist a department in resisting legal claims
  • provide a low cost method of mitigating the risks associated with the use of email.

Despite these benefits, the legal value of email disclaimers is unclear. Generally, courts are likely to place a higher importance on the substance of an email and surrounding circumstances in order to determine the rights of parties to a dispute, and usually read down disclaimers to the detriment of the party seeking to rely on them.

WebGen have elected to post this as a link rather than add clutter to our email messages that impact their size and readability and further confuse replies and exchanges.


This email and any attachments may contain legally privileged or confidential information and may be protected by copyright. You must not use or disclose them other than for the purposes for which they were supplied.

The privilege or confidentiality attached to this message and attachments is not waived by reason of mistaken delivery to you.

If you are not the intended recipient, you must not use, disclose, retain, forward or reproduce this message or any attachments. If you receive this message in error please notify the sender by return email or telephone and destroy and delete all copies.